Support and Maintenance

  • Provide 24/7/365 every day technical support services to you as the client. Our technical team shall avail themselves to assist you even during holidays.
  • We shall appoint and dedicate a network engineer to take care of the network, and this network engineer shall always be available for assistance without fail.
  • Shall assist the network administrators with any necessary configurations they may need assistance with, including implementation of policies required by BITC on the firewall, without fail.
  • Provision of additional Public IP addresses, as and when requested.


Call Logging Procedure

  • All types of calls must be reported on +267 3959000 with the helpdesk technician, so that a customer can be issued a reference number.
  • Calls without the reference number from ZebraNet Call Centre cannot be attended. Each and every call should follow the standard procedure and therefore any calls from staff / technical manager /director cannot be accepted.
  • ZebraNet offers 24/7/365 days technical assistance and network monitoring by the service delivery and bandwidth manager.
  • All reported calls shall be closed and completed in 24hrs by the helpdesk technicians. Should this not be the case, the matter shall be escalated to the Technical Manager on 71499488 or

Our bandwidth supplier, BOFINET on the other hand deploys the following as part of its service offering and operations:

  • Standard operating procedures to identify diagnose and resolve faults.
  • Knowledge base of procedural steps for service requests / change management
  • Tools for trouble ticket management, escalation, and reporting
  • Quality management, and process team to oversee process compliance.


Fault Response and Restoration

  • ZebraNet shall respond to faults on a 365/24/7 days’ time schedule, including Botswana Public Holidays.
  • The time taken to rectify a fault shall be referred to as the “Time to restore”. ZebraNet shall ensure that all faults are rectified within time frames stipulated in Table below.
  • When calculating the actual Time to Restore, ZebraNet shall exclude the period(s) pertaining to all delays due to the Customer.
  • The time within which the Fault is rectified, and the Service is   restored shall be recorded in the Fault Docket (the “Restore Time”).
  • Both Parties shall work in good faith to identify and rectify faults reported by either party.